Make some Noize for Amir!

DeNoize was established with a very clear company culture in mind; one that fosters communication, collaboration, and that promotes an inclusive environment. We know that our output is only as good as our talented people. And we cannot wait to show you the people that make up our wonderful team!

This month, we caught up with Amir, our very own mechanical and material engineer based in Gardanne, France.

Tell us something about you and your role within DeNoize

My name is Amir, and I am officially working as a mechanical and material engineer for DeNoize. My job is to find mechaniscal solutions for the cancellation of noise using windows, and it is my aim to continuously improve the technology so as to make it even more responsive.

How did you end up at DeNoize?

In 2013, I actually started studying medicine in my hometown (Caen, France), but it wasn’t for me. It was all about memorizing a tremendous amount of information like a robot, whereas I’m more about trying to understand the “why” and “how” (that’s why I love research & development). So that’s why I decided to pursue a bachelor degree in engineering! I eventually moved to Lorient where I finished my master degree in mechanic and material science. During this time, I completed many internships; for example, I worked at the GANIL (French national nuclear physics research center) as well as with Safran Aerosystems.

I’m more about trying to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’, and that’s why I love R&D.”

In January 2020 however, I found the internship vacancy of DeNoize, and it caught my interest! I applied and got accepted, and worked with Olivier until my internship ended in August of 2020. Once completing my internship, I got the offer to continue working for DeNoize fulltime. So as you can see, the work I do is not related to one specific field. I have worked in the following fields:  nuclear, construction, aeronautic, and currently, acoustic!

What does working at DeNoize mean to you?

Working for DeNoize means challenging myself. With DeNoize, I have to find a mechanical solution that still does not exist. To do so, I have to learn new skills using cutting edge technologies. It kind of feels like a game where to pass a level, you need to get stronger. It’s so much fun!

It kind of feels like a game where to pass a level, you need to get stronger. It’s so much fun!”

Now to the juicy part! Tell us about your sound preferences

I really love the sound of waves, and of birds singing. Feast your ears to this:

A sound that I really hate is the sound that scooters make (you know, those really slow and noisy ones)!

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