The noise canceling system on your window

Harmony glass is a kit that can be retrofitted to any existing window pane, transforming the glass into a smart system.

How it works

DeNoize works like active noise-canceling headphones, but then for your house!

The DeNoize kit focuses on the range of 100 to 1000Hz, this low-frequency noise causes the most annoyance, because it travels easily through glass surfaces. With the DeNoize kit, we analyze this noise coming from outside and vibrate the glass with a reverse signal Making it so that the noise transmission is mitigated.

The result is that most of the harmful noise doesn’t enter your home.

Cancel the majority of the outside noise

Mitigate the majority of the outdoor noise through our active noise-cancellation technology.

Stay connected to the outside world

Select the sounds of nature that you do want to hear. Be it birds singing, wind blowing or rain pouring.

Choose the sounds you do want to hear

Improve your sleep and productivity by simulating the sounds of nature and relaxation. Or take your free time to the next level and listen to music through your windows.

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