DeNoize welcomes six TU Delft students to the team

This month, DeNoize has been delighted to welcome six students from TU Delft to the team. This is what they have to say about their time ahead with DeNoize:

Hi, we are a student team of the Delft University of Technology, and we are working on a project to help further develop DeNoize’s sound cancellation windows. Since we are a joined team of the three different Industrial Design Engineering masters, we can consider all product factors; from technology to strategic planning to user interaction, and deliver a coherent design direction for DeNoize. We are exploring the possible features that can be integrated into the intelligent windows and provide a desirable user experience for the future customer of DeNoize.
We are excited to design a system that lets users pleasantly control their own soundscapes to increase their well-being eventually.

Claire, Jelmer, Marije, Rick, Sijie, and Yvon

These students are currently in their research phase and are looking for people to interview to find out more about their noise pollution experience and sound preferences.

Now is your time to be loud, so that we can make your future quiet…

Would you be willing to spare 30 to 60 minutes of your time for their research? You can contact their email directly: [email protected]

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