Aman Jindal shares his ambitions for DeNoize in Delft. business

This is how Aman Jindal, CEO and Co-Founder of DeNoize, plans on making his dreams come true. But what are his dreams exactly? Continue reading to find out what Aman shared with!

What are your greatest ambitions?

I want to create a quieter world. Noise is one of the biggest problems in urban life. It affects our mood and our health. With DeNoize we want to enable future-proof and sustainable living in urban areas. It is our dream for our product to give every homeowner control over their sound environment. We are currently setting up a pilot around Schiphol to show the potential of our technology to local residents. To turn our innovation into a scalable business, we require support and collaboration with multiple stakeholders in the market. Fortunately, we have built a strong network of such partners, of which Royal Schiphol Group is one.

What are you most proud about?

I am most proud of our team members at DeNoize, who are intrinsically passionate about making a difference every day with their knowledge and experience. I believe the team in this stage is our real asset, so I am proud that we are such a strong team.

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