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We’re DeNoize

We are creating a quieter and more comfortable future for your home. 

Our Purpose

DeNoize started in 2018 as a response to the ever-growing noise problem in cities and areas around busy highways or airports. The WHO has even regarded noise pollution as the second largest health risk, which has catalysed a series of stricter noise regulations imposed on highways, railways and aviation. 

Windows are largely to blame for noise entering from outside, as they are the weakest link in a building’s façade. Currently, the only alternative is to use thicker or multi-layered glass, which leads to higher costs and material waste. Considering we spend 90% of our time indoors, we believe it’s time to take (back) control of your environment and make a more effective solution.

Based in the Netherlands and in France, we have a diverse team of individuals who work passionately to make DeNoize the solution to a quieter and more comfortable future.

The Team

The passionate people behind the product

The overall strategy and direction of DeNoize lies within Aman’s hands. He is the forefront in leading the team towards the company’s goal of making people’s homes more comfortable and quieter.

Aman Jindal


Koen has the ability to create beautiful web pages, visuals and videos. Name the content you need, and he will create a marketing masterpiece.

Koen Haesen

Jasper develops technical prototypes and leads both theoretical and experimental research. In addition to that, he has taken on the role as our very own SCRUM master!

Jasper Vlaar

R&D Engineer

Olivier is responsible for leading the technical aspects of the DeNoize technology. His French expertise enables him to communicate with stakeholders beyond the Netherlands!

Olivier Schevin


Also located in the French office, Amir strives to make our technology more effective. He is tasked with finding mechanical solutions for active noise cancellation windows.

Amir Fakour

Mechanical and material engineer

Charlotte is responsible for testing and validating new and exciting business model concepts. She is always on the hunt for new business opportunities!

Charlotte Struijk

Business development

Our Culture

Working at DeNoize means that each member plays a large and important role within a small but close-knit team. The learning process is unique and enhanced by the diversity of the team. We encourage everyone to explore their creative side, and empower our team to do so by giving them the responsibility and authority to make decisions. Oh, and we have fun. Lots of it!

We Are Hiring!

We are a fast growing tech startup. We are always on the hunt for passionate and talented people to join our team. Keep on reading to find out what a career at DeNoize would entail, and check out our vacancies below!  

A Career At DeNoize
You will get the chance to experience a fast-moving innovation up close, and have the opportunity to be part of the team leading this innovation into the future. By doing so, you are guaranteed to learn an array of new skills, ensuring that your work is always exciting. 


Benefits of Working At DeNoize 

  • cutting edge high-tech startup with an impactful solution to a societal problem, 
  • challenging, 
  • being in charge of your own career, 
  • great team feeling, 
  • a lot of learning and coaching, 
  • monthly 1:1’s with CEO, 
  • unlimited holidays, 
  • working from home benefits, 
  • flexible working hours, creative and dynamic work environment

job vacancies

Job Vacancies

The passionate people behind the product

Meyreuil, France (Aix-Marseille Area)

Delft, The Netherlands

Meyreuil, France (Aix-Marseille Area)

More to come soon!

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