Team member intro: Say hi to Koen!

DeNoize was established with a very clear company culture in mind; one that fosters communication, collaboration, and that promotes an inclusive environment. We know that our output is only as good as our talented people. And we cannot wait to show you the people that make up our wonderful team!

This month, we introduce you to Koen. Yes, that very handsome man in the picture above!

He is responsible for communicating a consistent brand image as well as creating all the content which you can think of related to DeNoize. With a degree from the Willem de Kooning Academy, he was actually the first ever DeNoize employee, and is the creative genius behind the very DeNoize logo that unites us all under one brand and purpose. Being the first employee of DeNoize, Koen has witnessed first hand the growth of the company. This is what he had to say about working at DeNoize:

Working with a team which has an aligned vision in creating something new and meaningful is very fulfilling. And its always been my passion to apply my knowledge of branding and graphic design to my passion for product design.

Sound plays a large role in Koen’s life. He is an avid music lover, and sometimes dabbles with music production too. Although Koen loves listening to music, he says that sometimes silence can be the best sound:

When I go hiking in the mountains, I always really appreciate the moment when there is almost no sound. Living in a busy city, sometimes the absence of sound is something we take for granted.”

Ultimately, Koen is someone that finds joy in everything he does for DeNoize, and has been a valuable foundation for this growing team. His designs are truly great, and we cannot wait to see what he will be working on next!

If you want to know more about a career at DeNoize, you can click here. Make sure to check out our vacancies too!

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