First tech event of the year

At DeNoize we have seen a lot of tech events, in 2020 our colleagues Olivier & Koen even attended the massive tech event CES in Las Vegas. The contrast between that event and the following year was, of course, huge.

All this time no tech event has taken place, but we can happily say that last month it was finally time again! Through the Fantastic Urbantech program we were invited to attend the TechBBQ event, which took place in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. In the image above you can see our team members Timothy & Koen after a successful day of networking.

During the event, visitors could enjoy beautiful classical sounds, produced by a double glazed window enabled by the DeNoize technology. This was a perfect way to give visitors a first impression of all the extra features that the DeNoize technology offers besides noise cancelation. 

We can’t wait to join more events and show you the amazing tech we have been working on!

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