DeNoize testing window technology to reduce noise nuisance in homes

Start-up DeNoize will be testing the world’s first smart soundproof windows in a real-life home environment in Zwanenburg. The company is conducting a month-long investigation into how effective the new technology is in reducing noise nuisance, in the area surrounding airports specifically.

Around three-quarters of noise that people experience in their home comes in through the windows. An earlier lab-based study showed that DeNoize technology can block the majority of noise from outside, such as a plane flying overhead or a passing lorry or train. The smart windows keep sounds that people experience as positive, like birdsong. This technology can be seen as active noise cancelling headphones for buildings.

Different types of windows

The research in Zwanenburg will involve noise measurements being taken in an actual home with different kinds of windows – the existing windows, extra well-insulated windows with thicker glass, and existing windows with DeNoize technology inside. The study will investigate to what extent noise nuisance can be reduced by measuring a combination of actual and simulated environmental and aircraft sounds.

“This pilot is an important step for our company. We expect to collect a lot of real-life data that will give us an insight into how we can use our technology to keep as much noise out as possible. These insights will then lead to an improved living environment around Schiphol,” says Aman Jindal, CEO of DeNoize.

Noise perception local residents

DeNoize previously conducted research into the desired noise experience of people living in the area around Schiphol, among others. Participants in the research were able to develop their ideal soundscape based on their current home environment by, for example, indicating which sounds they would ideally like to hear or not. DeNoize further developed their technology in light of the insights gained, and now the prototype can be tested in practice. During the study, local residents stated that they consider DeNoize’s technology a potential solution to the noise nuisance they experience.

Support from Living Environment Foundation and Royal Schiphol Group

DeNoize is supported by Schiphol’s Living Environment Foundation and Royal Schiphol Group. Both parties see potential in DeNoize’s technology; their smart windows represent an opportunity to reduce noise nuisance in the future.

“We are providing DeNoize with financial support in the form of an innovation subsidy so that among other things, pilots can be carried out. We hope to apply the technology within our program soon, if this is successful, to improve the perceived living environment for local residents further,” says Joost Wagemakers, director of Schiphol’s Living Environment Foundation.

“We expect that DeNoize and their smart windows can make a positive contribution to the local residents’ quality of life. That’s invaluable. We are supporting DeNoize by sharing knowledge and we want to ensure that their product matches well with the needs and wants of our local residents,” says Carolijn Schoofs, head of innovation at Royal Schiphol Group. 

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