First tech event of the year

At DeNoize we have seen a lot of tech events, in 2020 our colleagues Olivier & Koen even attended the massive tech event CES in Las Vegas. The contrast between that event and the following year was, of course, huge. All this time no tech event has taken place, but we can happily say that […]

Meet our newest team member, Abder!

We are always looking for motivated people who like a challenge. Recently we were very fortunate to meet Abder, and as it turns out, it’s a perfect match! Abder has a PhD in Signal image and speech processing and you could say he is somewhat of a research & design wizard, with tons of experience […]

A visit to VELUX

This month our team members Aman & Timothy went to Denmark to visit Velux at various facilities (testing labs, manufacturing plants, sound department, electronics assembly lines, product design, etc.) spread across the country.  For us, of course, an amazing opportunity to see how such a big company operates and what it takes to design and […]

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