Team member intro: Say hi to Jasper!

DeNoize was established with a very clear company culture in mind; one that fosters communication, collaboration, and that promotes an inclusive environment. We know that our output is only as good as our talented people. And we cannot wait to show you the people that make up our wonderful team!

This month, we caught up with Jasper, our highly talented R&D Engineer at our office in Delft.

Tell us something about you and your role within DeNoize
I work on research and development on a variety of topics. This means doing both theoretical and experimental research, leading to the development of prototypes. Now and then I also pick up other projects such as the coding of the experience center demo.

How did you learn about DeNoize, and why work here?
Out of interest in the startup culture, I went to see what was nearby. Then after coming across DeNoize, I was quite preoccupied with the idea of ​​noise cancellation on windows, so it was clear that I found it very interesting.

Delft office
Fun fact: Jasper was the second employee to join our forces in our Delft office. In no time Jasper became an essential team member, not only excelling in his work but also helping to design how we work as a team, like how projects are managed and how we manage timelines.

What does working at DeNoize mean to you?
Working towards something beautiful!

What is a sound that you really enjoy listening to?
Loads of people speaking in a big room or hall, so that every person’s speech becomes ineligible. It’s incredibly calming to know you are one of many in that place. Relieves the world’s weight from your shoulders in a way.

What noise would you cancel if you could?
The massive pump truck they use to pump the sewers in front of my house every 3 weeks. I’m not sure why they do it, but it sure as hell wakes me up.

Meet more of the DeNoize family
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