Meet our newest team member

Say Hi to Timothy!

Timothy is the newest edition to the DeNoize team. His first week at DeNoize started with a bang with on his first day our photoshoot for the dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. Check out the article to see our good-looking team picture!

Timothy his background is in Mechanical engineering with a specialization in high-tech engineering, so to no surprise, this is exactly what he will be doing at DeNoize. Timothy’s wide skill set allows him to tackle a lot of problems from different angles and allows him to create wonderful things!

“Aside from the usual Netflix couch session and drinks, I’m quite a nerd. I love to learn more about the world; the universe and technical innovations/interesting projects.”

When the weather is right, he enjoys sailing with a motorboat. Either for a long trip or just for an afternoon. Furthermore, he likes going to festivals and regular parties in the region of Amsterdam.

What inspired you to join the DeNoize team

As you read before Timothy is always open to learning new things, and this attitude didn’t stop with his choice of job. With DeNoize he also hopes to learn everything there is to know about the start-up industry and how to manage one, Also working on such a high-tech product made the choice easy for him.

What does it mean for you to work at DeNoize?

“Working at DeNoize is pleasant so far. There’s lots of freedom, which enables me to be very creative in what I do. DeNoize has the potential to improve the lives of many people working and living in noisy environments. To be a part of this innovation is great. I hope to learn a lot from this team and learn more about the technology!”

What sounds do you experience as pleasant?

When working at DeNoize you work a lot on sounds people don’t like to hear, which also includes listening to a lot of those sounds, so in these intro stories, we always ask what sounds DO you like to hear, for Timothy this is beach sounds and ‘water sounds’, he also doesn’t mind birds chirping. To relax at home he puts on Jazz or something to sing along to.

From the start, Timothy has been a great addition to the team with a very positive can-do attitude. We can’t wait to share all the great work he is going to do with our team!

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