R&D Vibro-Acoustics Engineer

Delft, The Netherlands /
Meyreuil, France (Aix-Marseille Area)

You will be working at the core of the active noise control technology for glass facades. You will be performing R&D to improve the active noise control from any angle possible. You will design and perform your own experiments and prototypes while also being a source of knowledge within the company for other engineers.

Job responsibilities

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About DeNoize

For the continued development of active noise control on glass facades, DeNoize is looking for multiple talented and intrinsically motivated engineers. At DeNoize we are driven by purpose and inspired by the exciting tech we create. DeNoize is a rapidly expanding high-tech startup based in Delft, The Netherlands and Meyreuil, France. Our co-founders, Aman Jindal & Olivier Schevin founded DeNoize with a mission to tackle noise pollution in urban environments and enable the future of real-estate with higher comfort and healthier living areas and environment.
DeNoize is a smart window technology that transforms any glass facade into a noise-canceling system, offering up to 90% reduction against the outdoor noise. The smart facade can sense, filter and amplify sounds based on user preferences, building a customized indoor environment for homes and offices. At DeNoize, you will work on cutting-edge technologies together with a bunch of passionate engineers, entrepreneurs, and designers, but with a single goal to have a positive impact on our society.

Permanent contract (full-time) based in Meyreuil, France, starting as soon as possible.

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