Interview with Dr. Tjeerd Andringa

Recently, we caught up with dr. Tjeerd Andringa, associate professor at the University of Groningen and soundscape advisor at SoundAppraisal. He has dedicated his time and research towards understanding the sonic environment and how it impacts the moods and responses of those exposed to it. He is passionate about developing effective and sustainable solutions to improve the relationship between individuals and the environment. He has been a fundamental source of knowledge to us and our research, and we had the exciting opportunity to ask him questions ranging from his opinion on noise pollution in the Netherlands to further understanding how noise impacts individuals on a daily basis.

He states that society has not realised its full potential in reducing noise pollution, and that the proprietary technology of DeNoize has come at the right time.

We often reach out to experts and professionals in order to understand the dynamics and problems behind noise pollution. They give us helpful insights into noise perception, which complements and enriches our research by allowing us to ask the right questions. We do this with the ultimate aim to bring you smart windows for a quieter and more comfortable environment.

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