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The start-up supported by TEAM @ Mines Saint-√Čtienne is part of the 10 winning teams of the Innovation Bercy-IMT prize selected after the presentations on November 26, its innovative solution to improve the sound insulation of windows will be presented at CES Las Vegas from January 7 to 10, 2020. Denoize joined our system in January 2019 and relies on the expertise of the Provence Microelectronics Center and the ID-Fab platform for the development of its first prototypes: a noise reduction kit, including sensors, actuators and a controller, integrated into the window frame to reduce transmitted noise.

It has designed a new prototype offering an immersive experience, representative of the additional noise reduction provided by its technology. It has been successfully presented to a large Dutch group, leader in its field, and a partnership could quickly be set up to accelerate the development of this technology.

Denoize has also started an industrial project on the Georges Charpak Provence campus with six ISMIN student engineers, in order to design a first real-time prototype of their electronic controller. This project will be completed in June 2020.

The start-up operates on two sites in France and in the Netherlands. The recruitment of a first employee on the Delft site is scheduled for January 2020, recruitments which will continue in France during the first quarter of 2020.

Contact: Olivier Schevin, Co-Founder & CTO
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Our renewed congratulations to Denoize and URBS, startups supported by TEAM @ Mines Saint-√Čtienne, finalists of the Innovation Bercy- IMT prize who will be at the Consumer Electronics Show, CES Las Vegas in January 2020 with 10 IMT winners, news to follow early next year!

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