Delft startup DeNoize on its way to tackle noise pollution around Schiphol airport

RIVM concludes that a million Dutch people are affected by noise from cars, trains, airplanes and windmills, which leads to serious health issues like sleep disturbance and heart problems.

DeNoize, a young high-tech startup from Delft and winner of the Accenture Blue Tulip Awards 2020 in the Living & Working category has developed an innovative solution to tackle noise pollution – a smart window system that aims to achieve up to 90% reduction against the outdoor noise. Supported by Royal Schiphol Group, DeNoize is conducting research to gain insights into the perception of aviation noise by local residents. The research will start in Oct 2020 and will run for one month. The goal of the research is to understand the effects of noise on residents’ well-being and investigate how DeNoize can play a role in improving the quality of life close to major noise producing sources like airports, highways, and train stations.

The research is designed to be performed fully-remote via an online platform. The participants (local residents) will be asked to simulate their acoustic environment (soundscape) and perform different online tasks designed to measure their perceptual, emotional and cognitive response. Furthermore, the participants will be asked to rate the desirability of individual sounds which they hear on a day-to-day basis, that make them feel calmer and more productive. 

People really suffer from noise pollution. The quality of life decreases and you no longer live comfortably. While the nuisance can often be avoided or even resolved.

Prof. Dr. Tjeerd Andringa
Associate professor at the University of Groningen

The insights gathered from this research will serve to optimize the soundscapes inside residents’ homes, potentially leading to higher comfort and healthier living environment around Schiphol airport. The research is conducted independently by DeNoize with the guidance of Prof. Dr Tjeerd Andringa, from the University of Groningen who is an expert on noise perception and soundscape design. Currently, DeNoize is looking for residents living close to noise sources, like airports, highways and train stations to participate in this research and provide feedback on their perception of outdoor noise. We invite residents to join in and support DeNoize in further developing a tailor-made solution for their noise problems. Residents can register for the study via the following link, and will take approximately half-an-hour of their time.

It is precisely in this time when it is a lot quieter in the Netherlands that we need to look at how we can better prepare for the future.

Aman Jindal
CEO, DeNoize

This is the 1st phase of two-part research on the impact of outdoor noise on local residents. In the next phase, DeNoize plans to run an experimental campaign to measure the actual noise inside residents’ homes and correlate it with the insights gained during the 1st phase. The research is supported by Royal Schiphol Group as they see the potential of DeNoize technology to minimize the impact of aviation noise, and improve the quality of life of their neighbours.

Founded in 2018, DeNoize is a high-tech startup based in the Netherlands. The two co-founders, Aman Jindal & Olivier Schevin founded DeNoize with a mission to tackle the problem of noise pollution and enable the future of real-estate with higher comfort and healthier living environment. DeNoize is developing smart windows with active noise-cancellation technology that aims to achieve up to 90% reduction against the outdoor noise. The smart windows can sense, filter and amplify certain outdoor sounds that building occupants do want to hear (e.g. birds, rainfall, etc), keeping them acoustically connected to their outside world.

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