Noise pollution is not only an environmental nuisance but also a threat to public health.
-says Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe.

Our startup is tackling the problem of increasing noise pollution in busy cities and its ill effects on the quality of the lives of its residents.


Since the currently available windows are ineffective in stopping the low-frequency sounds coming from low-flying airplane and busy road traffics, we have developed a unique solution to tackle this problem and offer true comfort inside your homes and offices.

Pyramid Of Noise Effects by WHO
Pyramid Of Noise Effects by WHO

DeNoize Technology

Glazing equipped with DeNoize technology

DeNoize has developed an active noise cancellation kit (combination of electronic sensors, actuators and controllers) that integrates inside the window frames to actively cancel the transmitted noise in real time.

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Up to 90% reduction in the transmitted noise

Invisible to the end users

Compatible with all window sizes and glazings

Meet Our Team

Aman Jindal

Founder & CEO


Aerospace engineer with passion for technology. Founded a company during his masters. Experience in multiple startups & incubators in technology commercialization

Olivier Schevin

Founder & CTO


Phd in Acoustics from EPFL, 15+ years of experience in active cancellation technologies. Former part of Sensitive Object R&D team, which was acquired for $60 million by TE Connectivity

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Information for investors

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